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Student/Exchange Visitor Visa

Complete the DS-160 Electronic Visa Application online:  Please take care to select the correct visa category when asked for purpose of travel, for example, selecting "STUDENT/EXCHANGE VISA (F, M, J, Q)"

I-20: F1 and M1 students must include the original SEVIS I-20 form. Family members seeking F2 and M2 status need their own I-20 form.

DS-2019: J1 applicants must include the original SEVIS DS-2019 form. Family members seeking J2 status must submit their own DS-2019 form.

DS-7002: J1 applicants under "trainee" or "intern" categories will be required to submit a fully completed and signed Form DS-7002 from the program sponsor if Form DS-2019 was issued after July 19 2007.

I-901 Fee Confirmation: Students and Exchange Visitors visa applicants need to pay the SEVIS fee before applying for visas.

Please note: Students/Exchange Visitors also need to pay the visa application fee.

Proof of Funds to Cover All Expences: This could include bank statements or pay receipts. If you are applying for an F1 visa and planning to study for more than one year, bring proof of funds to cover at least the first year's expenses.  If you are planning to study for less than one year, bring proof of funds to cover expenses. 

School Transcripts: If you have studied in the United States within the last five years, you must bring transcripts from the schools you attended during that time. If you have not attended school in the U.S. yet, you must provide transcripts of the most recent three years of study.

Science and Technology-Related Programs or Study: Applicants going to the U.S. to follow a science or technology-related course of study must bring a complete CV or resume, a complete list of publications (if applicable), and a letter of acceptance/invitation to the school or program.

OPT applicants must also submit: If you are applying for Optional Practical Training (OPT) you should also bring the original Employment Authorization card together with your endorsed I-20 form.

Dependents: Submit a copy of the principal applicant's I-20 or DS-2019, together with a copy of the principal applicant's visa and birth or marriage records showing relation to principal applicant, if applying separately.

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