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Report of Birth Abroad

Consular Report of Birth Abroad  -- Registering Overseas Births of U.S. Citizens

When a child is born overseas to a U.S. citizen parent, or parents, certain documentation is required in order for the child to be registered as a U.S. citizen.  Once registered, the child can receive his/her Consular Report of Birth Abroad and a U.S. passport can be issued.  The child can also apply for a Social Security number. Parents and the child (ren) must appear in person at the time of the appointment

Appointments are now required for registering an overseas birth of a U.S. citizen.  To schedule an appointment, go to U.S. Citizens Services Appointment System.

For registration, the following items are necessary:

  • Original birth certificate issued by the local authorities at the place of birth.
  • Original marriage certificate of the child's parents.
  • Original documentation of the termination of any previous marriages of the child's parents (death or divorce certificates).
  • Parent(s)' U.S. passports or other evidence of U.S. citizenship
  • Non-U.S. citizen parents must also produce their passports
  • Application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad (PDF 52K), (Form DS-2029) available online. Do not sign the form until requested by a consular officer.
  • Two identical and recent photos taken full face with a light background (5cm x 5cm or 2"x2").
  • Affidavit of Physical Presence (PDF 165 K) - Form DS-5507. See below for more information
  • USD$100.00 for registration of the birth abroad and
  • USD$105.00 for the U.S. passport - Form DS-11
  • Social Security Application Form - SS-5, available online.  Please complete online and print. Please note that the Social Security Administration prefers a U.S. mailing address be used when possible. 
  • Parents and child (ren) must appear in person at the time of the appointment.

Affidavit of Physical Presence (Form DS-5507) - The U.S. citizen parent should complete, but not sign the DS-5507 form.  Parents who were not married at the time of the child's birth also need to bring evidence of their physical presence together at the time of the child's conception (i.e. passport stamps, military travel orders) as well as proof of their relationship prior to the child's birth (i.e. letters, photos).  If only one of the parents is a U.S. citizen, he/she must bring proof of physical presence in the United States prior to the child's birth.  Primary evidence that may establish presence in the U.S. includes:  Transcripts from high school and/or college, and Wage Statements (W-2), DD214 Separation Statement (for Military Members). Secondary evidence includes:  Tax returns, airline ticket stubs, former/current passport showing entry/exit stamps.

U.S. Passport

A valid U.S. passport is required for travel for all U.S. citizens.  To apply for a U.S. passport for your child in conjunction with the Consular Report of Birth Abroad, please visit our website on Passports.



    • PDF documents can be viewed using Adobe Reader.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.